Richard Osterlind
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Richard Osterlind

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Richard Osterlind

Richard OsterlindMentalist

Richard Osterlind is an entertainer who is considered by many to be the foremost Mentalist performing in the English language. His unique blend of ability, talent and humor create a comfortable and relaxed, yet challenging and stimulating experience for participants as well as members of the audience.

The range of his abilities includes ESP, Mindreading, Psychokinesis, and Suggestion. The types of tests in a typical performance can include asking participants to concentrate on subjects they would like to share; names of friends, children, pets, phone numbers, addresses, locations. Basic routine facts of everyday life. Richard will focus with them, and tell them their thoughts. He can predict the word an audience member will select at random from a recent TIME/NEWSWEEK type of magazine. He will bend metal, and with certain participants assist them in bending metal.

Osterlind possesses a degree of flexibility that enables him to entertain intimate groups, hospitality suites, on the trade show floor, or a stage show in the theater / banquet setting. This flexibility provides the option of a multiple impact opportunity; he can perform in any or all of the formats depending on the structure of the program.

Audiences from Beijing to Boston; Monte Carlo to Mexico City; Calgary to Cleveland have been astounded by his work. He has been invited for return engagements by many of the CEO’s and event planners he has amazed. The level of sophistication, integrity and humor create an environment that will impress even the skeptics among the audience.


Walk-Around (Close Up)

Osterlind will approach individuals and small groups and perform tests that include having subjects think of names people, places, dates and events, numbers. He may also engage in psychokinetic exercises like having someone loan him a penny, and bending it, without the use of physical force.


Stage Show

The Stage Show typically follows a dinner. Osterlind will invite audience members to the stage to assist him in several different types of tests. The role of the audience volunteer is basically to concentrate on thoughts Osterlind might suggest or thoughts of the volunteer, and to report to the audience the accurateness of the exercise. He read individual minds of the audience as a whole, either from the stage or the house floor. This is extremely effective.

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