About Us

A little bit about who we are and how we think.

With more than thirty years as a presence in the lecture business, our record speaks for itself. It is our aim to be recognized as the best source of speaker recommendations for any programming need. We see to every detail, from the moment we recommend a speaker to the moment your audience is applauding a great presentation. The more we do, the less hassle you have. That alone is enough reason to work with Cassidy & Fishman, here are several others:

1 Knowledge & Experience

For a speaking program to succeed, the speaker’s style and message must meet the expectations of the audience. We have decades of experience successfully matching client’s needs to speakers’ styles. Let us know what qualities you are looking for in a speaker, what your event objectives are, and what you budgetary considerations are and we will research and narrow your possibilities. We will recommend what works (and rule out what doesn’t) to assure a program that delivers the message and tone you want to convey.

2 Saving You Time

You can spend days, even weeks, looking for the right speaker on your own. Or you can tell us what you are looking for and we can take it from there. While you are getting other things done, we are working on a list of recommendations for your consideration.

3 Convenient Planning

We are the epitome of “one stop shopping.” In fact, we are so highly respected in the industry we can even work with other bureaus to book speakers for you that are exclusively represented by them, at no additional cost to you.

4 Unrivaled Customer Service

Once you book a speaker we will take care of the details. We will make sure you get the appropriate pictures (either electronically or hard copy prints) and biographical material. We will make sure travel arrangements are in place well before the date of your program. We will make sure the unique particulars of your organization, your audience, and your event are communicated to the speaker. In short, we will ensure that your program runs smoothly and is successful.

5 We Advocate for You

By choosing not to sign speakers to exclusive contracts, we are on “your side of the table in any negotiation.” We view you as our client. While we are careful to be fair to both sides in all dealings our goal is to come away from every booking with the sponsoring organization feeling like they made the right choice when they hired us to engage a speaker. That begins with recommending speakers that are a right fit for your event, not because we have guaranteed a certain amount of annual bookings to any particular speaker. It ends with making sure travel arrangements are completed early enough to ensure as low a cost as possible. In between booking and billing we are also there to facilitate communication between you and the speaker. Essentially, we are your partner in each and every engagement we book together.