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Kim Hess

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Adventurer, Photographer, Writer


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Kim Hess

Adventurer, Photographer, Writer

Kim Hess is a trailblazer and the exception to the rule. Kim exemplifies the power of a positive attitude. Small on the outside, but not at all on the inside, Kim defies the rules and is not at all what you would expect when meeting an accomplished mountaineer and adventurer.   Wise beyond her years, Kim has already completed the Seven Summits – The tallest mountain on each of the seven continents.

Not one to rest on her accomplishments, she is currently chasing down her dream to run an ultramarathon.  In September of 2022, Kim will run 52 miles across the island of Bali to raise money for education and healthcare needed in disadvantaged communities.

Kim possesses the unique mindset that a challenge is a minor delay, and that anything can be overcome.  Her positive, upbeat, stick-with-it, dream-the-impossible dream attitude is infectious.   From broken bones to a tragic earthquake, her road has not been easy, but to Kim, these types of obstacles just sweeten the achievement of the dream.

A Colorado native, Kim was born and raised to love the outdoors. Her love of adventure brought her to the ski town of Steamboat Springs, CO where you can find her backcountry skiing, trail running, and mountain biking while working on publishing her first book. Kim captures her explorations on her website with her powerful photography and her funny, insightful, and motivating blog.  When speaking to audiences, Kim not only provides fascinating details about mother nature and the adventurer’s spirit but also provides everyday lessons for life and business; many told with the humor and candor that only Kim can deliver.

Kim has a way of making you believe that you can achieve anything, that an obstacle is nothing to be feared and that your dreams are indeed closer than you think.

Seven Lessons from the Seven Summits 

Through entertaining tales of adventures in climbing the Seven Summits, Kim takes audiences through a series of seven everyday lessons for life.  Lessons that are applicable to anyone at any age. Using breathtaking and awe-inspiring visuals, humor and candor, Kim focuses on strategies for overcoming obstacles and adversity, defining success and failure, and teamwork.


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