Kate Adamson
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Kate Adamson

Fee Range1: $ 5500 - $7500

Triumphed over one in a million odds and teaches your audience to do the same. An inspiring motivator featured on Bill O'Reilly Factor, Larry King Live and more


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California, United States


Kate Adamson

Kate AdamsonTriumphed over one in a million odds and teaches your audience to do the same. An inspiring motivator featured on Bill O'Reilly Factor, Larry King Live and more

Triumphed over one in a million odds and inspires your audience to do the same. Her extraordinary story, and the process she used to survive and succeed, PROVES there is nothing you and your team cannot accomplish.

Kate is an inspirational, mesmerizing speaker who incorporates the theme of your conference, tailors her presentation to your audience, and brings focus and power to your event. She can bring an audience to their feet in appreciation, and move them to action with their new found courage.

Kate is a published author of Paralyzed but not Powerless. She has been featured in  national magazines, including Redbook, Vim & Vigor, Caregiver, Keeping Well, Prevention, The Female Patient and Prevention magazine’s ‘Picture of Health’ calendar.

She has been interviewed on many national and local radio and TV programs, including Larry King Live; The Bill O’Reilly Factor; The Abrams Report, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and the 700 Club; Coral Ridge Ministries, and Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). She has been featured on Lifetime TV’s ‘Speaking of Women’s Health.’

What does Kate Adamson believe? The toughest challenges are faced successfully when we focus on what we can do, not focus on what we can’t – and focus on what we have, and not focus on what we don’t have. An advocate with a stubborn, myopic, focus on what is possible, not what is not, Kate recently returned to college, obtained her Master’s degree and is now a practicing professional helping individuals and organizations see what obstacles really are: just steps.

Paralyzed but not Powerless

This powerful presentation engages your audience in a real experience! They will discover what it is to face million-to-one odds – and survive – then prosper!

Following a massive double brain-stem stroke, Kate’s bright tomorrow turned into a dark, timeless tunnel. She was considered dead – her life not worth saving. She was completely aware of what was going on around her, but unable to move a finger, a toe, or communicate in any way.  It was as though she was sealed in a class coffin. An emergency surgery was performed with insufficient anesthesia – she could feel everything but could not protest, because she was in a state called Locked-in Syndrome (totally paralyzed though conscious).

A good attorney (her husband) convinced the hospital that she was alive. Then with the support of amazing medical professionals, caregivers, and physical therapists, she survived. She returned home to be a wife and mother. Eventually she wrote a book (Paralyzed but Not Powerless), went back to school and obtained a Master of Social Work (MSW), and continues to build her career as an advocate and professional speaker.

Kate Adamson did not survive by chance. She had a formula for survival – and success: that applies equally to organizations and individuals:  Focus on what you have, not what you don’t; what you want, not what you don’t; what you can do, not what you can’t.

Kate uses the gifts of her tragedy to capture your audience’s heart and inspire them to live their dreams.

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