Elizabeth Kaye
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Elizabeth Kaye

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Author, Historian






Elizabeth Kaye

Elizabeth KayeAuthor, Historian

Elizabeth Kaye is the award-winning author of the New York Times #1 bestsellinge-book Lifeboat No. 8: An Untold Tale of Love, Loss and Surviving the Titanic.  This book, a true story and runaway success, was also #1 on Amazon Singles for a record two months.

An accomplished speaker, Ms. Kaye has given talks at venues ranging from The Metropolitan Opera House, The Guggenheim Museum, The Kennedy Center, a wide variety of women’s clubs and, for the past 15 years, at the Music Center in Los Angeles where she has become established as the most popular and requested speaker.

Her talks about the Titanic have been hailed as “brilliant and compelling…profoundly moving…incredibly poignant.” She is also a noted dance historian and the author of six books that range in subject from American Ballet Theatre to The Los Angeles Lakers.

Her most recent e-book, published in April 2015, is a collection of her magazine pieces written originally for Esquire, The New York Times Sunday Magazine and many other major publications; it is titled Men: What they Do, What they Think, and Why. 

In addition to her talks about the Titanic, she gives much-lauded talks about ballet, and about her own fascinating experiences as one of the foremost non-fiction authors of the last quarter century.

As an author, her interview subjects have included Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Jeremy Irons, Peter Jennings, Kobe Bryant and his Lakers teammates, the tennis star Rafael Nadal and Billy Graham.


Ms. Kaye’s compelling and poignant presentation is based on her bestselling e-book Lifeboat No. 8: An Untold Tale of Love, Loss and Surviving the Titanic, which reached #1 on the New York Times and Amazon e-book lists.

The book recounts a true and previously unknown story about one of history’s most dramatic and timeless events. In this riveting saga of passengers who left the doomed “ship of dreams” on Lifeboat No. 8, a central figure is the young and lovely Countess of Rothes, one of Titanic’s most distinguished passengers, who took command of Lifeboat No. 8, calming those who were hysterical or feuding, comforting the abruptly widowed, and ultimately manning the tiller, as she deftly steered the boat through icy, black waters, a valiant, resolute and unlikely vision in her ermine and pearls.

Despite all that has been written and portrayed about the timeless tragedy of the Titanic, Ms. Kaye is the first to focus on what happened when the lifeboats left the ship and passengers, newly roused from their opulent Queen Anne and Louis XV beds, found themselves in tiny wooden boats on the forbidding sea, staring up at the mightiest ship ever made and rowing away from her because she was sinking.

Though they survived, they failed to heed the desperate calls of passengers who were freezing to death in the frigid water. When the Countess insisted they turn the lifeboat back and help them, others refused, though the one Seaman aboard agreed. “Ladies,” he said, “if any of us are saved, remember: I wanted to go back. I would rather drown with them than leave them.”

This unique talk, beautifully researched by Ms. Kaye, a Titanic expert and award-winning author, recounts the drama of that unthinkable night and tells how those hours in Lifeboat No. 8 changed the lives of everyone on board forever.

The program includes a power point presentation of rarely seen photographs of the Titanic and the passengers of whom she speaks.

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