Brad Nieder
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Brad Nieder, M.D.

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The Healthy Humorist: Your Rx for happy, healthy living


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Brad Nieder, M.D.

Brad NiederThe Healthy Humorist: Your Rx for happy, healthy living

So you’re planning an event. Maybe it’s an annual conference. Or a big convention. And you want to start it on a fun and funny note. (After all, you know that folks who are laughing and in a good mood are more receptive to listening and learning.) Or maybe you want to end it with a bang. (Because, as you know, that last bit of laughter and enjoyment makes for a memorable meeting.) Or maybe you just want some good clean, Healthy Humor™ somewhere in between. (Sometimes you just need to invigorate and energize an audience in the middle of a long day.)

That’s a tall order. You’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed. You probably have a headache. And fatigue. And sleep-deprivation. Maybe you need a doctor. In fact, you do. You need The Healthy Humorist®.

Brad Nieder, M.D., is a funny doctor, keynote speaker and clean comedian who blends healthcare humor with wellness advice and an uplifting message. Audiences love his “Laughter is the Best Medicine” program, finding it entertaining and inspiring (and informative, too, as Dr. Brad explains–without being boring–how laughter really is good medicine … for managing pain, enhancing immune system function, reducing stress and more.)

And speaking of stress, let’s get back to you–the stressed-out meeting planner. Dr. Brad is friendly, organized, and easy to work with–just the prescription you need with everything else you have going on. He’ll make you look like a hero!

Dr. Brad is unique. (After all, how many physicians do you know who can make you laugh?) He’s been described as Jerry Seinfeld or Ray Romano…with an “MD.” Always a fan of standup comedy and improvisation, Brad became a founding member of the SIMPS improv troupe while attending Stanford University. During medical school at the University of Colorado, he frequently performed standup comedy throughout Denver for both live audiences … and cadavers. He then moved on to the Medical College of Virginia for his residency. He still traverses the country, but he once again lives in Denver, a general practitioner by training who some would say is really a specialist in Healthy Humor™. And while he has NOT been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, he has co-authored the book Humor Me, which features his popular poem of wellness advice. And he has a CD and DVD, too! And some pretty cool T-shirts! Those hotshot academic physicians can’t say that!

So inject a dose of Healthy Humor™ at your next event. You–and your attendees–will be feeling better in no time!

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