Bill Capodagli
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Bill Capodagli

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Dreamer, Castle Builder, Storyteller, Playground Wizard


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Bill Capodagli

Bill CapodagliDreamer, Castle Builder, Storyteller, Playground Wizard

 With over three decades of dominion cogitating (aka management consulting), Bill Capodagli (pronounced Cap o die) has opined with many of the largest corporate kingdoms in the world as well as some of the smallest local serfdoms. Bill’s renowned storytelling talent was acknowledged when his first book (co-authored with Lynn Jackson), The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company, was recognized by Fortune Magazine as a “Best Business Book.” Bill also coauthored the enormously popular The Disney Way Fieldbook: How to Implement Walt Disney’s Vision of “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do” in Your Company and Leading at the Speed of Change. Bill’s playground wizardry is authenticated in his latest collaboration — Innovate the Pixar Way – Business Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground.

Prior to co-founding his own playground, Capodagli Jackson Consulting in 1993, Bill held managerial positions at the consulting firms of AT Kearney and Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst and Young). From 1991-1993, Bill helped the University of Southern Indiana launch their business consulting initiative and began teaching the The Disney Way principles to an international client base. During the past decade, Bill Capodagli has become one of the most recognizable storytellers (aka keynote speakers) on the cultures of Disney and Pixar, enlightening audiences with Walt Disney’s original success formula, “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do”, that is transforming both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies alike. 



If Walt Ran Your Organization! – The Disney Way 

Walt Disney’s management lessons are as relevant today as they were four decades ago at the time of his death. And his spirit, the culture he established, and the values he lived by still guide the Disney organization.

In this highly acclaimed presentation, Bill Capodagli describes the 6 reasons why Disney is a relevant role model for today’s business leaders. Bill shares lessons from The Walt Disney Company and other highly successful companies such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Men’s Warehouse, and Ernst & Young.

Walt Disney’s Four Principles in Action…

Dream . . . of an organization where employees and teams are self-motivated to the successful achievement of long-term goals in an environment of mutual respect and trust
Key Learning: Discover your story and communicate it!

Believe . . . that every employee is capable of creating magical moments for customers
Key Learning: Examine your values and codes of conduct, and understand the importance of using them in decision-making

Dare . . . to make a difference!
Key Learning: Create a unique culture that breaks down barriers, celebrates failure, and promotes a climate of fun

Do . . . create a show-business atmosphere
Key Learning: Understand the Story, the Setting, the Roles, and the Backstage “Magic”  

Leadership – The Disney Way 

Walt Disney was once asked what the secret to his success was and he replied, I dream things and ways of doing business that have never been done before; I test those dreams against my personal believes and the values of the organization; I dare to take the risks to make my dreams a reality; and I put plans together so those dreams do become a reality. Dream, Believe, Dare, Do are the principles that have guided the Disney organization for over 80 years. Walt Disney’s leadership not only created an organization that has stood the test of time, but it created an international icon. Can we even imagine a world without Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or Goofy?

Walt left us over 40 years ago, but his leadership lessons are as relevant now as they were back then. Bill Capodagli will not only explain the critical elements in Walt’s definition of leadership, but also provide extraordinary leadership examples from the featured companies in The Disney Way. Bill will also recommend an action plan to improve anyone’s leadership skills.

Walt Disney’s Definition of Leadership: the ability to establish and manage a creative climate where people and teams are self-motivated to the successful achievement of long-term goals in an environment of mutual respect and trust. 

Customer Service – The Disney Way 

Walt Disney created an organization that has become the quintessential model for customer service, perhaps in the entire world. In this presentation, Bill Capodagli leads his audience to apply Walt’s Dream, Believe, Dare, Do principles to achieve a Disney Way service culture. Bill challenges his audience to view their organizations as “show business.” He clarifies the importance of continuously putting on a good “show” for guests. Bill encourages audiences to begin a journey of becoming “customer-centric producers” of their own “shows”.

Walt Disney once said. “You don’t build the product for yourself. You need to know what people want and build it for them.” Bill provides a solid roadmap required to become a customer-centric organization.





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