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Michael Meeropol

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Former economics professor, son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg


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Michael Meeropol

Michael MeeropolFormer economics professor, son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Michael Meeropol was born Michael Rosenberg in 1943.  When he was seven his parents were arrested and charged with “Stealing the Secret of the Atom Bomb”.  When he was ten they were executed. 

After his parents’ execution, he and his brother Robert were adopted by Anne and Abel Meeropol.   

He went on to graduate from Swarthmore College and Kings College, Cambridge University before completing a Doctorate in Economic History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He has taught economics and history and interdisciplinary studies since 1970.   From 1970 to 2008 he was a faculty member at Western New England College (now University) in Springfield, Mass.  He served as Chair of the Economics Department from 1996 till his retirement in 2008.  Between 2009 and 2014 he taught economics and interdisciplinary studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York. 

He lived in relative anonymity until 1973 when he and his brother publicly claimed their Rosenberg legacy and embarked on a campaign to reopen their parents’ case. 

He co-authored with his brother Robert, WE ARE YOUR SONS, THE LEGACY OF ETHEL AND JULIUS ROSENBERG.  (First edition 1970, updated and expanded edition, 1986)   He is the author of SURRENDER, HOW THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION COMPLETED THE REAGAN REVOLUTION.  (U. of Michigan Press, 2000)  He is the co-author (with Howard J. Sherman) of PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS:  Activisit vs. Austerity Policies.  (M.E. Sharpe, 2013) He is also the editor of THE ROSENBERG LETTERS. (Taylor and Francis, 1994) 

He joined his brother Robert in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to force the release of FBI documents related to his parents’ case – and succeeded in forcing the release of close to 200,000 pages of previously secret government documents. 

He has spoken all over the country about the Rosenberg Case – including delivering the Matthew Vassar Lecture at Vassar College in 1995.  He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including NIGHTLINE and the CHARLIE ROSE show.  He was a consultant for the mock re-trial of his parents (featuring teams of lawyers before a real federal judge with two six-member juries) in 1993 which resulted in acquittals by both juries.  In 2003 he appeared in his daughter Ivy’s documentary HEIR TO AN EXECUTION, A GRANDDAUGHTER’S STORY and has done numerous Question and Answer sessions at various screenings of the film over the past eleven years. 

He believes he now knows what actually happened in his parents’ case – and it is not what he thought when he and his brother began their efforts to reopen in 41 years ago. 

For the past nine years he has been a monthly commentator on WAMC-FM radio in Albany, NY.   A local magazine in Springfield, dubbed him a “citizen prof” for his work attempting to preserve the Social Security system in 2005 when the Administration of President George W. Bush proposed to privatize it. 

He currently lives with his wife, Ann Karus Meeropol, outside of New York City.  He and his wife have two children, Ivy and Gregory, and two grandchildren.





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