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Lori Borgman

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Nationally-distributed columnist, humorist and author


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Lori Borgman

Nationally-distributed columnist, humorist and author

Lori Borgman’s weekly family life newspaper column is distributed to more than 400 papers and media outlets throughout the United States and Canada, appearing in papers from the Chicago Tribune to the Kansas City Star and the Sacramento Bee.  Her column touches on subjects ranging from sibling rivalry to the hazard of upper arm flab.

Lori’s commentary offers humorous observations, as well as thoughtful insights on marriage, parenting, family and culture.

She is the author of seven books including, “I Was A Better Mother Before I Had Kids,” and her latest “What Happens at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s.”




THE LIGHTER SIDE OF AGING  Lori Borgman takes a look at the aging process through a humorous lens – the mysteries of the Empty Nest Syndrome, added responsibilities of being a Dog Ma (watching your adult children’s dogs), new topics of conversation with your friends – colonoscopies, osteoporosis and cholesterol checks and the No. 1 way of knowing you’re middle aged – waking up and finding your skin no longer fits. Lori mixes humor with warmth and encouragement on the changing seasons of life.

ALL STRESSED UP AND NO PLACE TO GO   A humorous look at the lighter side of stress — from the promises of aromatherapy to the myth that women nag and the questionability of watching the Food Network while working out on the treadmill at the gym. Lori Borgman offers up an arsenal of tension-busting laughs. In times of stress, laughter may be your best defense.

HAPPY HOLIDAZE   It begins with a simple string of outdoor lights. Then the lights cry out for a wreath, the wreath screams for a red plaid bow, and giant candy canes would sure look nice at the end of the driveway. Before you know it you are gift wrapping the mailbox, winding tinsel around the luggage rack on the mini-van and have six albino deer parked in the front yard. Join humor columnist Lori Borgman as she examines the insanity of holidaze bound by family celebrations and holiday traditions.

Note to event planners: The presentation is wonderful for (and well received by) November and December audiences. Primarily about family traditions and antics, the presentation is sensitive to those of all faiths.


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