Ken and Daria Dolan
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Ken and Daria Dolan

Fee Range1: $ 15000 - $20000

America’s First Family of Personal Finance


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Ken and Daria Dolan

Ken and Daria DolanAmerica’s First Family of Personal Finance

For more than twenty-five years, The Dolans, America’s most trusted source of personal finance information, have lectured world-wide, co-hosted their own television show on CNN that aired to more than 85,000,000 homes (“DOLANS Unscripted”), as well as co-hosted shows on CNN.fn, CNBC and an award-winning, nationally-syndicated, personal finance call-in radio program on the WOR Radio Network heard across North America and Hawaii.

They continue to contribute to CNN on a regular basis commenting on current business/economic/finance issues and answering viewers’ personal finance questions.

They are the only recipients of NEWSWEEK magazine’s four-star rating for financial broadcasting excellence, were recently named to TALKERS magazine’s “HEAVIEST HUNDRED: The Top 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts Of All Time” list of the most influential and important broadcasters in America and are members of VANITY FAIR magazine’s Radio Hall of Fame.

The Dolans were MONEY editors for four years on “CBS This Morning” and prior to that did a four year stint on CNBC. From 1985-2009, they hosted over 4000 shows on WOR Radio and the WOR Radio Network.

After graduating from Boston College (B.S. in Marketing) and serving in the US Navy, Ken Dolan began his career as an account executive with a major New York Stock Exchange firm. He later was a Senior VP of an international investment banking firm before co-founding and serving as a Vice Chairman for his own international investment banking company.

Daria Dolan graduated from Webster University (MO) (B.A. in Theater Arts) and later became a VP of a NYSE company. She has received an honorary doctorate from St. Thomas Aquinas College (NY).


Programs Offered by THE DOLANS 

The Dolans are available for a variety of customized programs, from keynotes to half-day presentations. The Dolans’ broad base of topics includes investing, retirement planning, funding college, careers, working couples, entrepreneurship, consumer law, credit issues, real estate, estate planning…and many more. All presentations are followed by a Question and Answer period in which audience members are welcome to ask personal finance questions. Myriad options can be discussed. The Dolans will work with you to create a program that will connect with your audience members.  

No Surprises Ever Again
• The Dolans’ five principles of fool-proof investing
• Our “Portfolio Recovery Plan” for the upcoming year
• Maximizing the profits in your retirement plan
• Designing an inflation-proof portfolio
• Don’t outlive your assets…three safe investments that keep on    paying
• Minimizing your taxes despite Washington’s tax greed
• The three investments to avoid at all costs
• Real Estate…tips for the intrepid
• Taking a deep breath…and sticking to your plan
• How to find a financial planner whom you can trust

The Next Four Years
• Business and Economic trends that will affect your hard-earned dollars
• Lessons learned from years of Stock Market volatility
• Increasing your income…our five favorite dividend-paying stocks
• Where to stash your cash now!
• Minimizing your tax bite
• New estate laws that can trap the unwary
• Check up on your pension benefits
• Picking the right mutual fund during challenging times
• Five new business ideas for entrepreneurs of any age

Forewarned Is Forearmed: How To Level The Wall Street Playing Field In Your Favor
• Tell-tale signs of investor fraud
• Three things never to say to a financial advisor
• Five lies you’d better be ready for
• How to check a broker’s/financial advisor’s background before you    sign up
• The questions to ask a broker/financial advisor before you    start…the answers you want to hear
• Why it’s getting more difficult to sue a broker
• Avoiding trouble…how to get started
• The Dolans’ five simple rules of investing
• Wall Street jargon…the five terms that you must know before investing
• The five most common investor mistakes to avoid
• Our favorite online sources for investment help

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