John Haigh
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John Haigh

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Chief Steward of Air Force One (Retired)


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John Haigh

John HaighChief Steward of Air Force One (Retired)

Chief Master Sergeant (retired) John Haigh served 25 of his 30 year Air Force career as a Flight Steward at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, taking care of VIP’s both foreign and domestic. 

He has been privileged to fly missions that included the Apollo 17 astronauts on a 33 day Presidential Goodwill trip around the world, the Prime Minister of India, Premier of China, The Chancellor of Germany, President of Turkey, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Cabinet level officers, members of Congress, Vice Presidents Ford and Mondale, Presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush Sr.  He has numerous stories and anecdotes that are informational, inspirational and humorous, to hold the attention of any audience. 

To quote Air Force One crew members, John is the funniest crew member now, in the past and the future, that has ever served Air Force One. 

He was promoted to the crew of Air Force One on September 1, 1979, during the last 16 months of the Carter Administration.  He was told that the job may only last until the end of the President’s term, because you serve at the pleasure of the Administration.  As fate would have it, he survived , due to his good attitude and service with a smile.  To quote President Bush, “It was great to travel with the first team.” 


A Tour and Tales From Air Force One

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