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Connie Stevens

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Singer, Actress, Director, Businesswoman, Humanitarian


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Connie Stevens

Connie StevensSinger, Actress, Director, Businesswoman, Humanitarian

It is rare that an actress can successfully transcend the entertainment gamut from Motion Picture Star, Television Star, Broadway Star, Recording Artist, to the concert stage and then on to develop a successful cosmetic empire. In a career that has spanned over 30 years, Connie Stevens has gained worldwide popularity and recognition as a multi-talented performer, producer, and most recently, as a major force in the business arena, all the while managing to remain a timeless classic beauty. Ever youthful, dynamic, vivacious, versatile and savvy are the words used to describe the actress who has truly earned the title of a “Woman for all Seasons.”

Her international reputation has made its mark in show business history, having performed for 4 U.S. Presidents at the White House and the Kennedy Center, and her dedication overseas for the U.S. Military in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf as one of Veterans Across America’s all time favorites. Connie continues to headline in Las Vegas and continues to perform in live concerts in Atlantic City, New York, Los Angeles, and every other major concert venue worldwide.

Her musical artistry began when she first sang in a group called The Three Debs at age 16. She then went on to record as a solo artist on the Warner Brothers label. Connie was the first artist signed on the newly formed Warner Brothers Records. She recorded two mega-hits in the early sixties, “Kookie Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)”, a duet with Ed, “Kookie” Burns, on of the stars of the TV series “77 Sunset Strip”, and the number one record in the country in 1961, “Sixteen Reasons”.

Connie recently recorded a beautiful Christmas Album, “Tradition”… A Family at Christmas, with her daughters, Joely and Tricia Leigh Fisher, artists in their own right. Joely Fisher, co-star of the popular “Ellen” television series for ABC and the new star of the recently released “Inspector Gadget” (co-staring Matthew Broderick), and Tricia Leigh Fisher, whom you have seen as Heidi Fleiss for CBS or Monica Lewinsky in “Starr Struck”.

Every Star has an original claim to fame, and though she has since become familiar to millions, it was her endearing and classic role as “Cricket Blake” in the hit series “Hawaiian Eye” that made Connie Stevens a household name. Becoming one of America’s teen idols of the 60’s and one of the most popular role models for teenage girls across the globe. Connie, to this day, is amazed at the international craze that her character and image created making her a recognizable smile around the world.

Connie’s career as an actress began with roles in films like “Eighteen and Anxious”, starring Jim Backus; “Young and Dangerous”, “Party Crashers” and introduced by Jerry Lewis in Frank Tashlin’s Paramount musical film “Rock-a-Bye Baby”. Eventually these roles led to “Cricket Blake” in the TV series “Hawaiian Eye”, which ran on ABC for four years.

In the early 1960’s, Connie appeared with heartthrob Troy Donahue in a series of films which include “Parish” and “Palm Springs Weekend”. Connie later appeared in “Two on a Guillotine”, “The Grissom Gang” and “Never Too Late”. She then returned to the 1950’s with a role in “Grease 2” starring Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfieffer. Some of Connie’s other films include “Back to the Beach”, with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, and “Tapeheads”, starring Tim Robins and John Cusack. Most recently, she was in “James Dean Race with Destiny” and soon to be released “Mickey Stern”.

Connie has always maintained a steady line of various roles on television, receiving critical acclaim for her controversial role and performance in the ABC-TV Movie of the Week, “The Sex Symbol”. Connie showed a powerful reserve of dramatic talents that gave her thinly disguised portrayal of Marilyn Monroe a life of its own.

Connie starred opposite George Burns in the popular TV series, “Wendy and Me”. She also starred in “Starting from Scratch”, “Scruples”, “Bring me the Head of Dobie Gillis”, “Murder She Wrote” and the most popular guest on “The Love Boat”. She can be seen soon on “Titus.”

She was, of course, Neil Simon’s “Star Spangled Girl” on Broadway, co-starring Anthony Perkins and Dick Benjamin. She has also been one of America’s premiere live performers, headlining in Las Vegas for over 15 years and the larger theater venues all over the United States.

Most recently, Connie Stevens, the savvy entrepreneur, has proven herself in the business arena as well, creating Forever Spring, a cosmetic empire that has spawned over 300 popular products that include skin care, make up, and hair care items, fragrances, among many others. Stevens’ hands-on approach to the business allows her to give her signature touch to every product.

As a natural offshoot of this phenomenal success, Stevens has recently designed and opened the Garden Sanctuary, an executive day spa and boutique in Los Angeles, founded on the principles that catapulted her cosmetics empire into the major leagues. Offering a full array of services and luxurious treatments, the spa will also offer clients a spa menu, an elegant retail boutique, and other amenities in an elegant, comfortable, private garden-like environment.

Connie Stevens has experienced phenomenal success in the business arena, having created one of the most talked about and popular cosmetic skin care product lines in the industry, Forever Spring, The Beauty System. Connie Stevens’ Forever Spring has amassed a clientele of over 3 million women across the country. People Magazine has called her a dynamo, a Joan of Arc…. a hot star in a cool medium. Time Magazine rated her Ginseng Facial Feed product the number one selling product of all time on the air.

As a result of its success, the Forever Spring line has become one of America’s most successful beauty lines and is continuously growing. Connie’s philosophy of redefining beauty and changing the “over 40” syndrome has drawn attention from product manufacturers and critics alike. Little did she realize a few years ago that her products and company would be playing ball with “the big boys” such as Revlon, Lancôme and Clinique. Earnings from the Home Shopping Network alone grossed over 1 billion dollars. Considered one of the 500 top female executives in the United States, Stevens has owned and operated her company for 14 years.

Connie feels her crowning achievement, and the pride and joy of her life, are her daughters Joely and Tricia Leigh Fisher, from her marriage to Eddie Fisher. Connie single handedly raised both daughters while maintaining her filming and touring schedules.

Connie has devoted much of her time and influence to help those less fortunate and her work with Native American Indians is widely recognized. Connie’s project Windfeather of 12 years has enabled the awarding of 83 college scholarships for Native American Youths, the delivery of surplus goods to Indian reservations nationwide and summer camps for Native American children who have never left the reservation.

Stevens, the film maker, completed producing and directing A Healing, a feature film documentary dedicated to the women, and the young warriors they attended to, who served in the U.S. /Vietnam conflict. A Healing follows a three-week reunion journey through Vietnam of 100 women in 1995, who served in this conflict some 26 years ago. Stevens’ journeyed with them to find closure to this bizarre interlude. This award winning documentary is their story played out with compelling sensitivity, trust, compassion and drama. Introduced by Jack Valenti, President of the Motion Picture Association of America, A Healing which she personally directed and edited, the proceeds of which will go to several veteran charities. In addition, she has made landmark strides with “Dignity” in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, helping the mentally and physically challenged to become working members of the community. Hosting her annual Celebrity Ski Extravaganza, Connie has enabled the development of programs and a facility to house and educate these people, newly dedicated as the Connie Stevens Center for Independent Living. An added bonus was news that as a result of an annual pilot program of “Don’t Drink and Drive,” celebrity PSA’s that Connie created, Wyoming, for the first time in history, boasted a record of ZERO teenage deaths on the highway. She is now involved in plans to build the first resort hotel for children and young adults with special needs.

For her tireless work and support of others, Connie has been honored and received the coveted 1991 ‘Lady of Humanities’ award from the Shriners Hospital, ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ by the Sons of Italy in Washington DC. She also was honored from “The Vietnam Veterans Association of America”, as well as receiving ‘The Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service’ from the United States Armed Forces, which is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a civilian.

She says of Veterans, “They are my favorite Americans.” Having toured with Bob Hope around the world, at every major base, numerous hospitals and military venues, she gives of her time whenever needed – from Korea to Vietnam to the Persian Gulf.

With a whirlwind schedule of touring, film and television commitments, appearances, producing and writing, it is no wonder Connie Stevens can be considered “a woman for all seasons.” It’s this kind of energy, determination, talent and generosity that results in true success, and that’s what truly defines the word “Super Star.”

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