Brian Holloway
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Brian Holloway

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Brian Holloway

Brian Holloway

Meet Brian – The Vision

 The Art of Reinvention

  A Stanford All-American and 5 Time NFL All-Pro, Brian Holloway, the 6’7″ 320 pound powerhouse excelled as the team captain of the 1985 New England Patriots, AFC Championship Team. In 1986, at age 26, Holloway became the youngest Vice-President in the history of the NFL Players Association. He was one of the principal architects of the NFL’s growth strategy that produced a landmark $18 Billion TV contract in 1998. Still serving as a consultant to new NFL franchise purchases, Brian’s “future thinking” insures that he will be an active presence in the National Football League for years to come. Look for his distinguished football accomplishments to be recorded in the Pro Football’s Hall of Fame.

As an international Motivational Futurist, his speaking engagements reach over 1 million people word-wide. Audiences and clients are given an inside look into the future of world class competitors who consistently out-perform the competition. His credibility comes from achieving bottom-line results turning around underperforming teams, transforming organizations and building championships. He has done it rather than just talk about it.

Holloway founded the WFN: Center for Competitive Excellence, a holding company that specializes in organizational breakthroughs, for those leaders who are actively seeking and committed to an extraordinary future. As an executive coach to CEOs and Senior Management, Brian takes on One-on-One Coaching with the same skill, vigor, expertise and confidence that have been the hallmark of all his achievements. These very frank and powerful coaching sessions are not for those leaders who are seeking incremental improvement over last year’s performances, or in short, those hoping for survival. One-on-One Coaching is for those who have already won at the game of success, and now want much more!

For TEAMS that must make the Impossible Happen — Holloway operates the high powered, action packed, WFN SUPER SUMMITS, a 36 hour executive team boot camp. This is not about embossed stationary and leather bound manuals, muffins, pastries and all that other fu-fu, this is an accelerated transformation process with short breaks.  

Holloway’s career and accomplishments have resulted in extensive media coverage. He has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, USA Network, NBC, ABC Sports, The Roy Firestone Show, and the Club 700 as well as receiving print coverage in USA Today, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune.

Brian has testified before Congress, guest lectured at the Harvard Business School, New York University, Northeastern University, Boston College, Williams College, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, Hillsdale College, Northeastern University and the University of Michigan. In 1995, President Clinton recognized Brian as one of America’s top emerging leaders.  

Brian and his wife Tammy, along with their seven children live on a sprawling wild life preserve in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. Their 200 acre property located in Stephentown, New York is also a favorite site for executive retreats — it provides the perfect atmosphere for executives to “slow down” to go fast.

Most recently Brian was named the Chairman of the 23 Character Connection, New Unit Organization Champaign for the Southern Region Boy Scouts of America.


 “The Art of Crafting Dynasties – Winning in the New Market Economy” There are those teams that compete from the “context” of winning games – while other championship teams are in the business of dynasty crafting. The two teams on the same field, at the same time, with the same resources, experience and expertise are competing from two difference platforms. Winning market-share gains in today’s new market economy requires much more than talent, ideas, information and resources. Winning gains requires a more powerful point of view within a group of people. Brian reveals what this is and how to recreate it among teams of super-competitors. (Get the competitive edge now and breathe life into dreams that inspire sustained peak performance.)

“The Merger & Making The Impossible Happen-The New Science of Competitive Excellence”  Teams that must thrive after merger/acquisition require more than melding of high-powered egos. Cultures must transform and re-invent who they are in the face of the impossible. This courageous conversation will create the opportunity for a breakthrough to occur so that the team’s synergy, power, and creativity are maximized – the keys to being agile, open and market-driven. In the NFL, among championship teams they do not hold the belief that change is difficult, painful and time-intensive. They know the future turns on what happens everyday among a group of people sharing the same goals and the same values. (Most effective at reaching the high level top-performers who are resistant to change, cynical and entrenched in the old way of doing business.)

  “Success to Significance: For CEO’s and First Round Draft Picks Only”  Remember the days when you used to leap out of bed and hit the ground running – fully engaged to change the world? And you did it. So now, after having invested the most precious years of your life at a great personal, emotional cost you toss and turn all night in silent despair. Sad but true – this magnificent dream has turned into your worst nightmare. The joy of unbridled passion seeing your vision come to life is dying hard under the weight of people who do not care. You are not a recovery center, you are in business to create a profit and generate returns to shareholder value – during the most volatile times in market history. Holloway shares his secret to bringing back the fire, intensity and excitement that can be shared and spread among a group of people. (One of the most important conversations all CEO’s are calling for but they cannot afford to express.)

  “Getting Back-The Freedom to Win: Unleashing TEAM Passion, Creativity and Intensity” (An experience beyond information. Moving. Riveting. Invigorating.)  This dynamic keynote features the trade secrets of World Class Competitors – and unlocks the extraordinary potential that lies dormant in people, organizations and teams. What will occur in the room is an “awakening” to a new possibility, productivity, and profitability that extends far beyond what has ever been achieved before. This is not an incremental shift. This is a profound shift (epiphany) that will occur in the moment. The impact is felt for weeks, months and for some even decades. (The results are measurable, immediate and will be felt throughout the entire organization.)

  “Customer Fascination-The Seventh Discipline of increasing Sales” (Capturing the Wealth in the New Market Economy. Self-Discovery for Top Performers.)  Customer fascination is the key to securing the Life Client Relationship. This goes beyond “Relationship Selling and Customer Delight.” In the NFL, the players had to create them — die-hard loyal fans — with their enthusiasm, energy, expertise and performance. In the business community, the winning strategy is to secure the sole source market position by (customer fascination) winning die-hard, loyal clients. This keynote address gives a first-time look into the best practices of our “Customer Fascination” to winning clients for life.

  “Re-Inventing Perfection — Leadership and the New Commission”  Why leaders and teams fail: They do not see the future until a crisis opens their eyes. They cannot see what has never occurred before. They cannot see what is emotionally difficult to see. They can only see the future in relationship to the past. The ultimate concession of perfection among leadership is when “today’s possibility” simply becomes an extension of what occurred the day before, and the day before, and the day before.

“The Secret of TEAMS that Win-When Adversity, Upset and Overwhelm are Reduced to a “Point of View”  Incremental growth over last year’s performance equals economic death over time. To win gains in market-share requires more. Adversity, upset and overwhelm are in every teams’ locker room. However, one teams under-produces while championship teams consistently outperform competition. This is not a speech. This is a thoughtful conversation for the serious-minded. This frank discussion takes a look at what is operating underneath the conversations that allows hard chargers to concede their extraordinary future. Holloway uncovers what has “had” to occur for “Back-Biting,” “Turf-Battles,” “Withholding” and other organizational viruses to exist. These toxic concessions spread “resignation” like wildfire through fast companies. This chokes the life out of inspiration, dreams and full-out participation – particularly when teams are facing difficult and impossible circumstances.




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