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Scott Burrows

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Scott Burrows


How does Scott Burrows use his paralysis as a visual metaphor to inspire organizations around the world?

How did he transcend his circumstances to become an expert on transformational change as well as an in-demand inspirational speaker on the meeting circuit today?

Passionate about sports at an early age, Scott applied his perseverance to golf, karate, football and track & field. By the time he entered college he was a world class athlete. He played college football at Florida State University and was a top ranked kick boxing champion having his last fight broadcast by ESPN.

Unexpectedly on November 3, 1984, Scott’s life took a dramatic and irreversible turn. He was involved in a serious automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic.

Despite his grim diagnosis, Scott refused to be sidelined! He made the decision to take action, to focus on the positives of the experience as opposed to dwelling on the obvious and overwhelming negatives.

With the tremendous clarity provided by his singular focus, Scott resolved to thrive in his life by using three principles.

• Vision helped him see complete success in his mind’s eye first.

• Using Mindset he let go of the past and focused 100% on what he could control.

• With Grit he determined to take action and persevere until he succeeded.

Scott’s application of these innovative concepts boosted and enhanced his recovery, and he achieved results that astonished doctors, therapists, family and friends alike!

Employing his paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott encourages his audiences to stand up to their challenges regardless of circumstances by way of Vision, Mindset & Grit.

Scott inspires, energizes and motivates your group to reach for a greater Vision! His infectious personality, intensely personal story and professional experience, coupled with his distinctive presentations and ability to involve the audience will deeply touch everyone in attendance.

Scott tailors his presentations around your organization and its core values and objectives, while simultaneously supporting and complementing your overall meeting theme with his very personal story and humorous, entertaining and thought-provoking stories and anecdotes. His life lessons and principles of vision, mindset and grit will have a profound impact on your attendees and organization’s culture long after the applause dies down.

Stand Up To Your Challenges   Our world is changing at the fastest rate in human history. Maintaining the status quo is fraught with danger. Others in your ultra-competitive industry could be passing you by. Creating break-through opportunities for your organization and achieving extraordinary results as a team and as leaders is all about how you respond to circumstances. Finding solutions to help your team rise above the competition means being willing to stretch beyond self-perceived limitations, persevere and stand up to challenges.   This dynamic and uplifting keynote presentation will entertain, educate and inspire your attendees to view their challenges from a different perspective. Using his unique concepts of vision, mindset and grit, Scott will teach your organization tangible actions you can implement to be more productive, thrive and beat the odds. Scott will inspire your attendees to rethink their own possibilities and he will challenge them to set aggressive mind-stretching goals which will impact the bottom line of your business beneficially.

Key Themes  

• Vision is one of your greatest tools we have in life. It’s free, it costs you nothing and it can bring you everything.

• Mindset is focusing on what you can control like your level of optimism, your attitude and focusing on the positives of any situation. Your Mindset is staying true to your goals and business plan and making adjustments along the way as circumstances change.

• Grit is your willingness to be resilient. To maintain your poise and execution across all time horizons; this day, this week, this quarter, this year knowing nothing worth achieving ever comes too easy. It’s your willingness to fail, and your unwillingness to quit.   Attendees will learn how to apply Scott’s concepts to help them:

• Transform the way they think outside the box

• Chart a path to drive change and business results

• Turn setbacks into sustainable comebacks

Realign Your Mindset ~ Transform Your Results   In today’s competitive environment, organizations should consider responding to market challenges by increasing innovation as a means to personal and business success. Innovation can happen anywhere at any time. During this powerful message, Scott shows how by creating focus and clarity through vision, mindset and grit, your innovation agility can be inspired and your results transformed. With his perseverance through tremendous personal adversity and his use of business intelligence, Scott turned the odds in his favor to succeed in business and in life. His shared experiences will help inspire innovation across your organization.

Key Themes  

• Vision is dreaming in Technicolor. It can inspire innovation and can help shape your business strategy.

• Mindset is thinking bigger on your own behalf, your organization’s behalf and understanding that by scaling your efforts you can increase your customer’s benefit.

• Grit is your willingness to challenge the rules which will then drive business results.   Attendees will learn how to apply Scott’s concepts to help them:

• Inspire new thinking that can ignite innovation

• Challenge old processes by taking more creative risks

• Blend new cultures with the existing culture

Take Responsibility: Using Vision, Mindset & Grit to Achieve Success   Does your organization have a culture of accountability? How much more productive would your organization be if everyone held themselves accountable? During this presentation, Scott’s eloquent and entertaining storytelling brings the theme of taking responsibility to life, and demonstrates how vision, mindset and grit can become a viable part of your organizational strategy.   Scott teaches how these concepts can help you tackle ongoing challenges and changes, promoting a path of business growth, which can result in faster-than-expected and even unprecedented outcomes. Learn how to apply these concepts to your personal and professional life and how by taking accountability you can achieve greater heights of success and prosperity.

Key Themes  

• Vision is finding the passion to pursue your next level of achievement as an individual, a team, an organization.

• Mindset is knowing adversity can be converted into personal and business success and not considered a setback. Mindset is the continual mental orientation, preparation and actionable adjustments needed to meet oncoming challenges.

• Grit is the day-to-day determination to persevere when all else beckons you to retreat, fall back, give in, or perhaps worst of all, simply stay where you are.   Attendees will learn how to apply Scott’s concepts to help them:

• Unleash their potential by being more accountable

• Open their mind to new opportunities and new ideas

• Challenge their way of thinking with better questions

Turning Impossibilities Into Possibilities   Because we live in a world that revolves around change, stress and setbacks, learning how to conquer these challenges by having a positive attitude and strong belief system is essential for life balance, success and fulfillment. Given that most industries are trying to keep up with industry trends, new technologies and the changing dynamics of their industry, it’s important we continually educate ourselves on how we can be support each other and maintain a positive outlook and work/life balance.   Throughout this presentation, Scott draws upon three words: vision, mindset & grit. Three words which when put into action are very powerful. They are powerful enough to become part of your organizational strategy and potent enough to inspire and motivate your people to shape new beliefs, be more productive and to let no circumstances take precedence over the power of the human spirit, personally and professionally!   Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott will show your organization how to drive personal and business results by maintaining poise and execution. His experience will help you develop cutting-edge ideas as well as leadership strategies that you can utilize to achieve bottom line results.

Attendees will learn how to apply Scott’s concepts to help them:

• Explore unlimited vision

• Transform their focus by adapting and being more flexible

• View adversity as an opportunity to grow and set loftier goals

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